Repellent FAQS & FACTS

    1. Is Grillo's Essential Insect Repellent safe for children? Grillo's Essential Insect Repellent is safe for children over 3. It has not been tested on children under 3 years old. However, the ingredients of this insect repellent are all natural essential oils. 
    2. How long is the repellent effective against insects? General rule of thumb: if you can smell the scent, it is working. The staying power of Grillo's Essental Insect Repellent varies greatly; some folks need to reapply every few hours, while others still smell the repellent the next day. Tube is small enough to carry on your person and reapply when you no longer smell the fragrance, or if you are noticing an increase in insects in your personal space.
    3. How much insect repellent should I apply? Please refer to video for general application. However, if you are in a region know for a heavy infestation of ticks, mosquitoes or other insects, add more protection. Suggested use under extreme circumstances: in addition to pulse points, swipe insect repellent on all exposed areas.
    4. Always check for ticks! Regardless of what insect repellent protection you are using, always check for ticks immediately after being outdoors. Learn about Lyme and Tick Basics.
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