Moth Repellent Sachet

Moth Repellent Sachet

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Our natural moth repellent mix is designed to chase moths from clothing, closets, and storage areas.

  • Hang moth repellent sachets in closet, toss in storage trunk, or suitcase, for a moth-free environment and pleasant scent.
  • Ideal for knitters to protect woolen yarns.
  • Fragrance and refresh musty rooms, autos, camps, and cabins. 
  • Store a few sachets in boat before covering to safely ward off spiders.
  • Each sachet contains over one cup of botanical and oil mix.
  • Safe. Non-toxic. All natural.
  • Sachet bags are custom filled when ordered, insuring freshness and potency.
  • Choose either cinnamon or lavender scent.

Also available in an economical kit of three sachets and refresher oil.

Size: 4" x 6" sachet bag