Grapefruit, Ruby Red

Grapefruit, Ruby Red

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The true zing of grapefruit with the eye opening "wake me up" experience of a fresh squeezed glass of ruby red, straight from the groves of Florida.

  • Fresh, sweet, subtly tart - bright, playful, and uplifting

  • Use in a diffuser as a wonderful room refresher and effective mood enhancer, has been shown to benefit brain health and function

  • Known to help curb appetite, hunger cravings, and support weight loss - a great compliment to any weight management plan

  • May be helpful in supporting recovery from drug addictions
  • Balancing and clarifying to the skin and scalp - reduces the appearance of blemishes and manages oily, combination, or problematic skin

  • With combined antibacterial properties and citrusy scent, an excellent help to anyone treating athlete's foot and fungal infections

  • Mix with your preferred carrier oil and massage troubling areas to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite

  • Do avoid sun exposure for 12 hours if applying to the skin*

*always do patch test as citrus oils are known to be reactive in sunlight

Ingredients: 100% pure ruby red essential oil

Latin: Citrus paradisi (peels)

Origin : USA

Size: 15 ml/0.5 oz.