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Imagine the sunny citrus groves of Portugal dotting the landscape, bushels of lemons lined up in rows, and their lemony aroma infusing in the air . . . such is a bottle of our Lemon essential oil.

  • Strongly aromatic - bright and clean with a zesty citrus-peel scent

  • Energizing and uplifting - inhale directly or diffuse to brighten moods, fight stress and anxiety, boost awareness, and perk up during long drives, meetings, or study sessions

  • Antimicrobial, astringent, and purifying - helps clarify skin, ameliorate breakouts, speed healing, and restore luster and life to dull complexions

  • Useful for cleaning minor wounds, discouraging infection, and encouraging the healing process

  • Sinus clearing and analgesic - when diffused, may help reduce fevers, boost immunity, and ease the discomfort of colds, flus, and sore throats - all while detoxifying the air
  • As a massage oil, lemon may help improve circulation and metabolism, ease digestion, improve constipation, manage athlete’s foot, thrush, yeast, and other fungal infections

*always do patch test as citrus oils are known to be reactive in sunlight

Ingredients: 100% pure lemon essential oil

Latin: Citrus limon (peels)

Origin : Portugal

Size: 15 ml/0.5 oz.

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