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Fondly named Immortelle (Immortal/Everlasting) by the French, otherwise known as Helichrysum, this is my personal favorite. “The Fountain of Youth”. . . brilliant for mature/sensitive complexions.

  • Deeply herbaceous, earthy, slightly smoky, and distinct
  • Adds antioxidant protection and helps manage molecular free radical damage, a must have for aging skin

  • Nutrient rich - wonderfully regenerating!

  • Brings depth, color, hydration, and illuminates the complexion
  • Helps clear congested, red patchy skin; such as broken capillaries, couperose, roseaca
  • Works to quickly disperse bruises; deep and surface - apply 2 -5 times daily, depending on severity
  • Promotes harmony, balance, and healthy Ph levels within the skin
  • Spritz morning and evening as part of your daily beauty routine and as desired throughout the day to manage your complexion

"Fountain of Youth"

Size: 59ml/2 oz.