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Immerse yourself in this captivating and spiritually transforming scent. Its elevating properties stand apart from the rest as profoundly harmonizing; both physically and ethereally.

  • Fresh, herbal, non-floral fragrance - balancing and clearing
  • Also known as Holy Basil; a beautiful addition to meditations, spiritual and inner work
  • Begin your day: Breathe deeply and spritz, then set your intentions
  • Close your day: Breathe deeply and spritz, as you allow yourself to transition to sleep, dreams, healing, and regeneration
  • Promotes harmony, balance, and healthy Ph levels within the skin - spritz often
  • Also a wonderful aftershave for men - gently toning, with a distinguished scent 
Harmonizes | Elevates | Aftershave

 Size: 59ml/2 oz.

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